Friday, May 8, 2009

The Divine touch

“Hard work is the key to success; unless you work hard you won’t succeed in your life”. This was my mother’s first advice when I failed in math in my sixth standard. We all hear the hard work mantra many times in our life in different circumstances. When it comes to success everyone has the same thing to say “Hard work”. After that day I put some thought into the master ingredient of success called “Hard work”.

I started working hard that day onwards, and in fact I was also rewarded. Whenever I got good marks I told to myself “Hard work is the only key towards success”. Time went on and I reached the final branch of the education tree, the mighty Post Graduation. Earning an above average percentage wasn’t a difficult task for me, because I knew the key to success and I knew how to apply it. The thought of getting a job arose. In fact I was looking for an MNC to come after me. I wasn’t looking for a job; I was looking for a big job. “What skills do you need to acquire to get a job in an MNC Software company?” This was my question to every software engineer in my job search. After much Question and answer sessions I came to the conclusion that I need to posses these 4 skills to get into a big software company.

1. Technical skills
2. Aptitude
3. Communication skills
4. Interpersonal Skills

I asked myself. “Do I have these skills?” The answer was a big NO from the bottom of my heart. I started my intense training on these 4 skills. It took 5 months for me to be a professional in all these 4 skills. Skill wise I was ready to get a job. I said to me “No it won’t be difficult to get a job, because I have acquired the most important skills for getting a job.” I started applying for all the major software companies. I waited for them to respond, but none showed up. 2 months passed by. I became fed up. I asked myself. “Since I do have all the skills for a perfect job, why I am not getting one? What am I lacking?” I asked this question over and over again until I came to know the answer.

“Opportunity”. Opportunity was what I didn’t get. How do you get opportunity? Do you get it by hard work? No. Do you get it if you acquire some extra skills? No. Then where the hell do you get opportunity from? You can acquire every skill in this world by hard work, but not opportunity. Opportunity is the only thing that comes to our lives when God touches our lives and that is what I call “The Divine touch”. All the success mantras that were prescribed in my heart were ready to be revamped as a result of this thought provoking concept called “The Divine touch”. It’s not the skills that will help us succeed in our life. Life succeeds only when god touches our lives. God really knows where we fit best and he has really good things in store for you. Trust in the Almighty and you will be rewarded. All you need to do is Wait and Hope.

Prayer is the one and only ingredient that helps us succeed in our life. Prayer can and will do wonders in your life. I started praying. 2 months passed by and I still prayed, and then one evening an HR Manager called me and asked.

HR: “Is this Savio Chacko ?”
Me: “Speaking”
HR: We are looking for people in Are u interested in working with us? If so can u come to our Bangalore office next Friday morning?
I said to myself “It has begun”.


shibu said...

100% Truth......

gijo said...


gijo said...


KParthasarathi said...

I agree.Oliver Cromwell said "Trust in God but kee your gun powder dry".I would say eqipu yourself as you had done in all the skills and then look to God for his grace.Deserve and then demand is the mantra.I liked the way you wrote the piece.very nicley written

Nija said...

very true dear...its only god who can change our lives and it is not our intellect or smartness that helps us achieve great things. Ofcourse thats is important but it works only if god touches our lives...Good articles...Good luc brother.

Seban said...

i like the way u put it... very true indeed... this one's a question my friends are probably bored of listening to... but here you go, Does that poor child born in Somalia/Calcutta/wherever, born starving, born unaware of the existence of any kinda god, who after a struggling span of 2 years, dies of starvation at an early, innocent age, ever get that "Divine Touch"? Who can justify this?

Savvy said...

Thanks for the comment seban. At one point of time or the other there comes a situation when we feel that it's not our skills or wealth that will help us overcome our necessities.

Personally i can assure you that Prayer is the only ingredient that can help you experience the divine touch. Regarding the poor children in Somalia - i would say that we live in this world not because of our own will. it's because God wants us to be here.

"If u are born poor it's not ur fault, but if u die poor it's ur fault"

Seban said...

how is it the 2 year olds fault that he died poor?